Arkchu H2 SBU

Arkchu H2 Smart Backup Unit offer every home seamless power suppy in case of power outage. It integrates an evolved topology optimized for split-phase grid scenarios. Notably, it stands apart from competitors like Enphase, SMA, and SolarEdge, eliminating transformer losses in backup mode.

Tailored for North-American Home

The Arkchu H2 SBU boasts an advanced topology, meticulously engineered for the split-phase grid scenarios prevalent in the North America.

Superior Efficiency.

Simple and Quick Installation, save your money and time

Eliminate transformer losses in backup mode, setting Arkchu distinctively ahead of competitors like Enphase, SMA, and SolarEdge.

With Arkchu H2 SBU, bypass the need for external Auto-Transformers. Achieve a seamless 120/240V backup power generation during unexpected outages.

Installer-Friendly Design.

Beyond its technical prowess, Arkchu H2 SBU is ergonomically designed. Its lightweight build ensures effortless installation, saving your money and time.

Tech Specs

Max.Continuous AC input current: 200A

Max.Continuous AC output current: 160A

Nominal AC Frequency: 60Hz

ON/OFF Grid Switchover Time: <500ms

Number of Inverter's lnput: 4


Max. Rated Generator Power: 21600W

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