Powering a Greener Tomorrow

Navigate the path to net-zero effortlessly with our advanced sustainable products and expert guidance

Who we are.

Our vision is to pioneer a new era, where sustainable energy solutions are within everyone's reach.
We're passionate about renewable energy, not just for its pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions, but for its potential to redefine life as we know it. Every home powered, every life changed, brings us one step closer to our goal.

We provide homeowners and business owners with a “one-stop-shop” of sustainable technology products and specialist services to accelerate the journey to net-zero.

We chose the name Arkchu as a testament to our mission. The 'Ark' is a symbol of hope and safety, reminiscent of Noah's Ark that ensured a future for all living beings. Similarly, Arkchu promises a luminous future through our unwavering dedication to sustainable technology. Meanwhile, inspired by the agility and power of Pikachu, the 'Chu' reflects our relentless pursuit of speed and innovation.

Power Earth

We are committed to designing systems that prioritise sustainability and scalability. Our energy storage products and ev chargers are meticulously crafted, enhancing their overall environmental contribution.


Unrivalled Experience

With over 20 years at the forefront of renewable energy technologies, more than 1,000,000 products have been delivered to global clients, we've solidified our mark in housebuilding, construction, and commercial industries. Originating from our central hub in Singapore and spanning 11 countries, our commitment to pushing the boundaries of green energy is unwavering.

Regulation-Ready Products

Our range is comprehensive, seamless, and tailored to be effortlessly integrated. Every product is manufactured to comply with the latest US regulations, ensuring peak performance and reliability.

All Under One Roof

We house a potent combination of electrical engineers, designers, project managers, and sustainable product experts, allowing us to present unparalleled sustainable technological solutions.

Future-Proof Solutions

Our offerings aren't just solutions; they're a glimpse into the future. Solar energy, advanced battery storage, next-gen renewable heating, and cutting-edge EV charging—our holistic approach ensures that housing developers, contractors, and businesses are not just equipped for today but are primed for the challenges of tomorrow.


Beyond technology, we prioritise excellence in service. We aim to constantly delight with premier renewable energy products.

Zero-Carbon Initiative

Leading the charge towards global carbon neutrality, adhering to the highest environmental standards

Customer First

Every step, every action, all centered around our customers' needs and delivering unmatched experiences