Arkchu H2 Inverter

Introducing the Arkchu H2 Inverter - engineered for a seamless experience when the grid goes down, it boasts a potent 16A string current. Dive into rapid energy restoration with a swift 50A battery charge. Bypass the norm: no auto-transformer necessary. Pushing boundaries, it confidently delivers 1.5x surge output, with a flexible power spectrum spanning from 5 to 12k. Experience the next level of power management with Arkchu H2 Inverter.

The Evolution of Energy.

A modular system tailored for every home.

Equip your space with up to 4 MPPTs, ready to harness more sun. From the compact 5kW model with 3 MPPTs to the robust 12kW model boasting 4 MPPTs, the choice is yours. Dive deep into high power with 16A PV input, tailored for ultra-powerful PV modules.

Simplicity. Meets Speed.

Simple and Quick Installation, save your money and time

With swift battery charging at 50A, watch your energy rise rapidly, preparing you for every eventuality.

Benefit from the 120/240V split-phase output, eliminating the need for additional transformers, and a peak power capability that's 1.5 times the rated power—ideal for motor-type loads.

The Silent Guardian.

NEMA 4X rated & ip65

In the event of grid disruptions, the Arkchu H2 Inverter ensures an uninterrupted power supply, switching seamlessly to battery power.

Safety and quality are our top priorities. This is why the Arkchu H2 Hybrid Inverter proudly holds the UL 1741 certification.

Tech Specs

Max. Power: 5kW | 7.6kW | 8.6kW | 10kW | 12kW

Max.DC Voltage: 600V

Max.Input current of single MPPT(A): 16

Max. output current: 20.8A | 31.7A | 35.7A | 41.7A | 50A

AC output voltage(V): L1/L2/N/PE,208V/240V:183V~229V/211V~264V

Max. efficiency: ≥97.6%

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