Arkchu H2 Battery

One of the thinnest batteries of our high voltage range, the Arkchu H2 comes to homes as a high-energy capacity energy storage. Its compact size makes the smallest demands of your wall space. The modular Arkchu H2 Battery allows you peace of mind during evenings and blackouts when you need the stored energy most.

Pure Flexibility.

A modular system tailored for every home.

Every home is unique, and Arkchu H2 Battery understand that. Place it indoors, outdoors, mounted on a wall, or standing on the floor — it's engineered to fit harmoniously into your space.

Simple Installation.

Simple and Quick Installation, save your money and time

Arkchu H2 battery can be installed without complicated cable connections. This saves you, your family and the installer time and you, money.

Tough. Reliable. Resilient.

NEMA 4X rated & ip65

Arkchu H2 Battery are NEMA 4X rated, and is designed to withstand extreme weather. Whether is rain, snow, sleet, or shine, it always ready to deliver uninterrupted energy to your home.

Battery Specs

Usable Energy: 7.3kWh - 21.9 kWh, extendable by 7.3 kWh blocks

Output Power: 10.2kW Continuous, 15kW Peak (3s)

Safety: UL9540

Depth of Discharge: 90%

Block Size: 13.97*8.5*45.8 inches

Weight: 123.46 lbs (Single block), 162.5 lbs (7.3kWh Battery)

Installation: Indoor or outdoor, Wall or floor mount

Datasheet Download

10-Year Warranty

No wiring required, saves your time and money

Remote firmware upgrade

5.9 Inches Thin

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