Arkchu B2 Inverter

Designed specifically for the North American energy landscape, the Arkchu B2 hybrid inverter is a 48V split-phase system, optimized for diverse home energy storage needs up to 10KW. With Arkchu B2 inverter's split-phase capability, it supports parallel operation of up to 6 devices, seamlessly integrating into complex energy environments.

Versatile Integration.

Supports up to 6 devices in parallel, enhancing system robustness.

Multiple devices can effortlessly share a single battery pack for greater energy efficiency.

Delivers a solid single-machine load capacity of 100A, ensuring consistent performance.

Efficiency Redefined.

Built to last

Support parallel SOC equalisation control and current sharing.

By utilising split-phase topology and removing the need for transformers, we've achieved heightened system efficiency.

Simultaneously supports integration with gas generators and grid access, expanding your power options.

Tech Specs

Max. Power: 7.5kW | 9kW | 12kW | 13kW

Max.DC Voltage: 500V

Max.Input current of single MPPT(A): 14

Rated output power: 5kW | 6kW | 8kW | 10kW

Max. output current: 22.9A | 27.5A | 36.7A | 45.8A

AC output voltage(V): 120/240(split phase), 208(2/3 phase),240 (single phase)

Max. efficiency: ≥98.2%

Protection Class: IP65/NEMA 3R

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