Energy Storage Battery 10-36kWh

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Seamless Assembly: Inspired by the simplicity of Lego, our design ensures a swift and efficient setup with intuitive module interlocking.

Tailored Expansion: Customise your power needs. With support for up to 16 modules (80kWh), you have the flexibility to scale. Note: A combiner is required for system currents over 100A.

Uncompromised Safety: Our multi-tiered safety approach encompasses everything from the material to the system, ensuring peace of mind at every level.

Smart Power Equilibrium: Our built-in balancing circuitry activates under specific conditions, enhancing battery consistency and longevity.

Advanced BMS: Our intelligent battery management system safeguards against short circuits, voltage fluctuations, and temperature extremes.

Robust Design: With an IP55 rating, our battery is designed to withstand diverse application scenarios.

Real-time Insights: Stay informed with live monitoring of battery metrics like voltage, current, temperature, and SOC.

Set and Forget: Designed for longevity with a 15-year lifespan and 6000 cycles, our battery operates optimally without the need for maintenance, even in varied temperature conditions.