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Designed for intuitive installation and streamlined maintenance

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Discover a comprehensive commercial energy storage solution, meticulously crafted to align with your business aspirations. Our avant-garde technology encompasses both DC and AC-coupled Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) - epitomizing peak performance and efficiency.

Take control of excess energy, master peak demand, and drive down operational costs. Whether it's enhancing grid resilience, diving into demand response ventures, or pioneering energy self-reliance, Arkchu's system propels your business into the next era of energy.

Commercial Energy System Solutions

AC Couple
dc coupled

Arkchu brings scalable, clean, and reliable energy benefits to commercial customers.

Seamlessly Integrated

Designed for intuitive installation and streamlined maintenance.

Harness superior system performance while optimizing costs.

Safety at its Core

Multi-state monitoring and synchronized actions for unparalleled battery system security.

Designed with IP65 & C5 standards, ready for any environment.

Efficiency with Flexibility

Supports both on/off-grid functions, complemented by an integrated local controller and a singular communication interface.

Smartly Designed, User-Centric

Quick state monitoring with fault logs for proactive alarms and accurate fault identification.

Our Product

Liquid Cooling Commercial ESS

Arkchu Powerstack

Highly Integrated ESS - Designed for convenience in transportation and O&M.

Fully Pre-Assembled - No need for battery module adjustments on-site.

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