Arkchu Powerstack

Liquid Cooling Commercial ESS

A Cost-Effective Solution

Seamless ESS Design: Crafted for easy transportation and efficient O&M.

Site-Ready: Completely assembled, eliminating on-site battery module handling.

Day's Work, Lifetime's Reward: Installation to commissioning in a mere 8 hours.

Trust in Every Component

  • Circuit Confidence: DC electric safety with fast breaking and enhanced anti-arc measures.
  • Comprehensive Battery Safety: Multiple protection layers, each a standalone system, for unmatched safety.
  • Intelligent Systems: Smart leakage protection coupled with a sophisticated liquid refilling system.

Efficiency and Adaptability

  • Peak Performance Cooling: Smart liquid cooling for enhanced efficiency and battery life extension.
  • Modular Growth: Design that facilitates parallel connections and straightforward system expansion.
  • Smart Cable Management: Front Cable Entry to save on cable tray requirements.

Smart and Sturdy

  • Anticipate and Act: Quick state monitoring with fault logs for proactive alarms and precise fault identification.
  • Battery Oversight: Integrated performance monitoring and record-keeping.

Technical Specification

Battery Cabinet Data

Cell type: LFP
System battery configuration: 300S2P
Battery capacity: 537 kWh
System output voltage range: 810~1095V
Weight of battery unit: 12980 lbs
Compliance: IEC62619,IEC63056,IEC62040,IEC62477,UN38.3

PCS Cabinet Data

Nominal AC power:250kVA@45°C
Max.THD of current:<3%
DC component: <0.5%
Nominal grid voltage: 400V
Nominal grid voltage range: 360V~440V
Nominal grid frequency: 50-60V
Nominal grid frequency range:45Hz~55Hz, 55-65Hz
Weight*: 3520 lbs
Degree of protection:IP54

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