Uninterrupted Power

Break Free from Outages

Unexpected power outages have transitioned from occasional disturbances to regular interferences. They interrupt our work-from-home schedules, cut short family meals, and can even risk medical safety. Notably, the U.S. has seen a doubling of weather-related power outages since the early 2000s. Invest in a home battery and keep your day seamlessly on track.

Save your Electric Bill

Over time, using a home battery can lead to significant savings on your electricity bills, especially when combined with time-of-use pricing or peak demand charges. Not only do you optimise your energy use, but you also transform it into a revenue stream.

Live Sustainability

As the age of utility monopolies fades, America is embracing a brighter, cleaner horizon with solar and wind energy. Zero emissions. Infinite possibilities. With rooftop solar and home batteries, every home becomes a beacon of self-sufficiency.

How Batteries Work?

Embrace True Energy Independence

When paired with solar panels, Arkchu home solar batteries collect energy during the day as the panels convert sunlight into electricity. This electricity can be used immediately, but any excess is stored in the battery for later use.
The battery's inverter converts solar-generated DC (Direct Current) electricity into AC (Alternating Current) electricity for home use. When solar panels aren't producing electricity, such as at night, the stored energy in the battery is discharged to provide power to the home.
Absolutely! Many homeowners choose to retrofit their existing solar panel systems with a battery to store excess energy for later use. This increases your energy independence, provides backup power during outages, and can lead to further savings on your electricity bills.
Arkchu home solar batteries come with an integrated App that optimizes when to store and discharge energy based on your daily usage patterns, grid electricity rates, and other factors, ensuring efficient energy management.

Arkchu H2 Energy Solution

Smart & Thin | Modular Design | NEMA 4X | 7.3kWh

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Arkchu B2 Energy Solution

Low Voltage | Wall-mount | 13.4kWh

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Our Products

H2 Battery

7.3kWh - 21.9kWh | Modular Design | High Voltage

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H2 Hybrid Inverter

5-12kW | 16A String Current

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Whole Home Backup Power

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B2 Battery

14.3kWh | Low Voltage | 10-Year Warranty

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B2 Hybrid Inverter

7.5 - 13 kW | Multiple Connection

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